New AIGA Student Group Leadership Graduation Medals

The AIGA DFW board is proud of the chapter’s several university student groups and consistently impressed by the work that student group leaders do for their college creative communities.

Without their dedication, our student groups and the services they offer to design program communities would not be possible. We are excited to announce the installation of commencement medals for each graduate who:

  • has served a full school year (2 or more semesters) in an executive board leadership position for their AIGA DFW student group.
  • is an active and good-standing member of their AIGA DFW student group at the time of graduation.

Participation in AIGA Student Groups and the accompanying activities encourages students to take early steps to commit themselves to success in the design profession. Further participation by taking on a student group board position deepens this commitment as student leaders go above and beyond with respect to their work – a rewarding endeavor that will serve them in all of their future endeavors. 

Cody Swanson is a former student board member who currently serves as an event chair for AIGA DFW and advocates for the student leadership experience. “My time as Membership Director for AIGA UTA was an awesome and enriching experience that helped me develop my leadership skills and participate in the design community in a more meaningful way,” said Swanson. “In my career since graduating, I have been able to put into practice the valuable lessons I learned, such as communication, organization, and project planning.” 

AIGA DFW’s new student group leadership medals highlight that level of commitment to college creatives’ community. Through these medals, AIGA DFW celebrates success, commends dedication, and embraces student leaders as a vital part of our thriving design community. We are honored to share in the achievements of our hard-working students, and are committed to furthering and supporting the future of design.



Published August 15, 2022