IN Lunch: Power Hour

IN Lunch: Power Hour

Quick Tips to Boost Productivity in a Corporate Environment

The demands on “inhouse” creative teams can easily strain departments as well as the individual team members. Good practices in process and communication lighten the load and increase efficiency — making for better, happier places to work.

Join us to learn a few quick tips to boost productivity and ignite excitement: using creative briefs to control your client; trafficking projects for greater efficiency; identifying stakeholders and effectively communicating with clients; and creating a working environment that keeps the creative juices flowing.

About Jeni Herberger
Internationally-recognized as a powerful force in changing the way people approach business, Jeni Herberger works tirelessly with creative professionals and corporate leaders teaching them to connect and communicate. Known for her uncanny ability to break down the walls between business policy and design strategy, Jeni has spent the past 20-something years working with creative and corporate leaders to identify practical strategies on “doing business better”. She focuses on the fundamental components of complex practices and conducts on-site training offering action plans that are grounded in strategy and focused on getting results.

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Published February 5, 2013