AIGA DFW’s Strategic Goals for 2012-2013

To our members, future members and fans,

On Saturday, June 23, the AIGA Dallas Fort Worth board of directors spent the day developing and adopting the official strategic and tactical plans that will guide the operation, planning, and vision of the chapter over the next 18 months.

After weeks of individual interviews, we revisited and revised our goals from 2011-2012. From there, our board developed actionable, tactical plans to improve our chapter’s programming and operations over the course of the next year. Efforts we hope you will begin to see manifest immediately — with our first INitiative event, part of the national initiative to improve the member experience for in-house designers.

In the fall of this year and the spring of next, we are excited to extend the improvement of the member experience to pay particular attention to different affinity groups, including but not limited to: inhouse designers; design leaders; business owners; women In design; educators and creatives over 50, and you will continue to see our chapter’s investment in new programming for every audience in the community including peer-to-peer events, hosting our design heroes each season, and celebrating DFW’s rich creative history.

Our intention is to foster the growth and development of members and future members of DFW, and so our programming will reflect those needs that have not yet been met or are not fully represented. We’re proud of the work we do on your behalf, and we’re sure you’ll swiftly begin to see the effort we’ve put in—making AIGA DFW work harder to be more relevant than ever to your career, your community, and your profession.

Here are the chapter’s big picture strategic goals for 2012-2013:

Meet the demands of the design community.
Professional development never ends. Whether you’re green or seasoned, AIGA DFW will be a resource to make sure your career is continually improving and motivating. This year, our chapter will not only continue our commitment to giving emerging designers the tools they need to succeed, but we will also increase our efforts to represent and provide programming that specifically appeals to mid- and senior- levels as well as other affinity groups in the community.

Make a better mark in the design and business community.
One of our goals last year was to make a mark in the design community on a national level — and we did in the eyes of the other 65 chapters. This year, we continue to work on that goal, with focused attention on impacting the local design community by increasing awareness about AIGA DFW’s presence and how AIGA memberships are investments in our careers and professions. It is also our responsibility to provide you with opportunities to take advantage of the value it offers, as well as to be certain everybody who comes in contact with AIGA DFW — in design and business communities — realizes the importance and the value of our organization and our members.

Reflect best practices.
As part of our focus on increasing awareness of design and its value, to the business community, society and culture, it is our responsibility to reflect best practices — as individuals as well as an organization. We aim to be a model organization, in our structure, operations and transparency. It is also our responsibility to communicate and adhere to the national standards of business and ethics set forth by the national organization.

Provide a channel for engagement.
AIGA DFW is 100% volunteer-run. We aim to continue and develop ways to empower, recognize, and reward the importance of their dedication, as well as foster and encourage their ascension to leadership positions within the organization, with the added benefit of gaining valuable leadership skills and experience that can grow career development. We also aim to change the structure and engagement levels of what we used to call “sponsorships” with a new “partnerships” model, working closely with our partners in crafting relevant and rewarding programming to the greater design community.

Communicate the value of design to the community.
We will produce our own programming and support national AIGA efforts to demonstrate how good design benefits businesses, organizations, brands, and communities. We will look outside of our typical areas of practice to find new areas of inspiration and collaboration, broadening our horizons in everything we do, be it programming, governance, membership, communication, or sponsorship.

Help nurture grassroots organizations.
Last year, our chapter made significant progress in growing the national Design For Good initiative in DFW, enabling our members to develop their leadership skills and make a significant impact in the community. We plan to continue the growth of that initiative through partnerships with other organizations with similar focus.


If you have ideas or inspirations that you’d like to share, we always welcome input. If you’d like to volunteer, we welcome your support. We’d love to see your presence at the upcoming Texas Show opening on July 7. More than anything, though, we thank you for your membership, enthusiasm, and interest in making AIGA DFW great.

— Your AIGA DFW board of directors

Published July 3, 2012