The Deck 2020 Reveal Party

Every year we host an annual community project where designers from all over DFW work on a card design that culminates into what we call The Deck. that This year, 54 AIGA members designed cards around a “Wild Animals” theme, which will be shuffled into a playable collection presented in packaging designed by our friends at Bottle Rocket Studios.

We have plenty of fun things planned. Listen to Blanks Printing and Olmsted-Kirk talk about the making of The Deck 2020, as well as inspirations on how to turn your designs into printed creations. Play a round of wild animal trivia with us, and celebrate all the talented AIGA members who contributed to the project.

During the pandemic, our chapter continued to provide virtual events for our members, but since we couldn't fly in speakers and greet you with drinks and snacks, we were able to save some money. As a thank you for the continued love and support you’ve shown us through this challenging year, all active members will receive a FREE copy of The Deck 2020 delivered to their home! Additional copies will be available to all for purchase after the event.


The Deck 2020 was made possible by our generous paper and print partners:

Special thanks to the following member participants for adorning each card with their designs:

  1. Agustin Chavez
  2. Ashley Drake
  3. Katie Daum
  4. Kristin Baxter
  5. Veronica Vaughan
  6. Sarah Xiong
  7. Steve Lovelace
  8. Andrew Chambers
  9. Alaina Gideon
  10. Paul Nilrach
  11. Nicole Langston
  12. Susy Mladenovski
  13. Malik D Perry
  14. Sherry Pulcher
  15. Staci Friedel
  16. Gina Rattanakone
  17. Nicole Crenshaw
  18. Travis Brown
  19. Zach Dominguez
  20. Jessie Steenburg
  21. Jeremy Hughes
  22. David Hinds
  23. Cristina Moore
  24. Alexander Flores
  25. Adan Morales
  26. Cora Woodward
  27. Rebecah Beauchamp
  28. Anna Phengsakmueang
  29. Katy Chen
  30. Pauline Hudel-Smith
  31. Kevin Pha
  32. Stacey Jemison
  33. Mallory Blackburn
  34. Bobbie Deen
  35. John DeGore
  36. Vicente Matos
  37. Amberle Szot
  38. Robin Reid
  39. Kayla Smith
  40. Loryn O'Donnell
  41. Justo Martinez
  42. Courtney Barrow
  43. Monique Meyer
  44. Michael Lopez
  45. Doug May
  46. Publishing Concepts LP
  47. AIGA UTD (M. Florentino, A. Khan, G. Rattanakone, S. Rocha)
  48. McKesson (Abby Guempel)
  49. Josue Olivas
  50. Ryan Fox
  51. Linda Joseph
  52. Bill Ford
  53. Whitney Holden
  54. Judy Schulz

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Step 3. Click the Zoom link in your email a couple minutes before the event starts. Do your best to arrive on time; we’ll take a few minutes to get settled and then we’ll get started.


We will not be providing captioning, interpreters, and/or translations.

When & Where
Thu, Dec 17, 2020 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM CST