Designers for Good

We often talk about “Design for Good,” thinking mainly of designing a logo or creating a website for a non-profit, or perhaps providing design education for underprivileged children, like our friends at DSGN FOR US. When I first started thinking about how AIGA DFW could get involved in our community and answer a need that a lot of our members are hungry for, I thought about partnering with organizations that were already making an impact — and of course we plan to continue doing that. However, like all “problems” that need “solutions,” I let my mind sleep on it, ruminate, and come back to it again. 

What I came up with was not an answer, but a question: “Why can’t ‘design for good’ also be ‘designERS for good’?” Just creative humans collaborating to do good for other humans; our design community making a difference in our local community.

So, to close the year with a big impact, and in the holiday spirit of giving, we’re inviting designers to make a real difference and be part of the change they want to see in the world. AIGA DFW is excited to invite you to a happy hour where we will hear from Artist and Professor, Willie Baronet, founder of We Are All Homeless, and co-director and producer of the award-winning documentary “Signs of Humanity.” At the event, we will craft inspirational messages and stuff care packages to hand out to those most in need in our community—the homeless. Afterwards, participants can take these bags and spread goodness out into our community.

This is a big task, and there are many needs to make an impact of this magnitude. We plan on making hundreds of these “care bags” and we can’t do it alone. We’re asking for our design community’s help. You. We’re talking to you! Just showing up can be part of the small way that we make a big difference.

We are seeking partners to help us make this happen!  Want to partner with us to make a difference? 

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Have other ideas about how AIGA DFW can make an impact for the good of our community? I would love to hear from you! Reach out to

Published October 4, 2023