AIGA Dallas Fort Worth: 2016 Community Survey Results

In November 2016, the Membership Committee conducted an online survey of AIGA DFW’s approximately 300 chapter members and the general public. The goal was to understand the makeup of our creative community and gather information to assist in program development. Fifty-one individuals participated in the survey and received free admission for our recent Chris Do event as a special ‘thank you’ from AIGA DFW.

Who Responded?
Survey respondents reported their locations across North Texas, with the highest concentrations of individuals living in Dallas and Fort Worth. 57% of respondents were prospective members interested in becoming more active with the community (three out of five respondents signed up to volunteer), 30% were active members and the remainder were former members.

Most respondents (45%) identified as in-house employees, with agency designers making up the second largest group (17%) and the rest were a mix of freelancer/contractor, students and ‘other’.

Events/ Topics of Interest

  • Business Skills for Designers: 66.67%
  • Collaboration and Team Building: 29.41%
  • Hand Skills: 37.25%
  • Design Basics: 29.41%
  • Design for Good: 62.75%
  • UI/UX: 37.25%
  • Diversity and Inclusion: 33.33%
  • Mentoring: 47.06%
  • Emerging Designer Support: 19.61%
  • Inspiration: 58.82%

Event Formats of Interest

  • Speaker Events: 88.24%
  • Panels: 47.06%
  • Design Competitions: 15.69%
  • Networking/Happy Hour Events: 52.94%
  • Portfolio Reviews: 45.10%
  • Studio Tours: 52.94%
  • Hackathons: 7.84%
  • Webinars: 19.61%
  • Weekend Programming: 13.73%
  • Workshops: 82.35%

Yeah, Yeah, What About That VIP Pass?
Lucky member Reva Hunter, of 84DesignStudio, was selected to receive AIGA DFW’s VIP season pass! As the VIP, Reva can redeem free admission to any of our events in 2017 and get an introduction to our guest speakers. Congratulations, Reva!

Published December 1, 2016